About Us

In 2001, Colette discovered she had developed a sensitivity to 150 foods. She resorted to eating very little and losing a lot of weight. A great way to go on a crash diet, but not a way to live.

Over time, most of Colette’s food sensitivities went away, except those of wheat and dairy. After experimenting for many years with various healthy and many organic ingredients, Colette and her husband, Frank, found a way to make the foods they loved taste incredible without using gluten, dairy or nuts (their youngest daughter is allergic to nuts).


Being foodies at heart, they set out to make the best pizza, bread and pancakes using the finest ingredients possible and testing their creations on their family and friends.

This product you have in your hands is this creation. It’s made-to-order in small batches by the two of us and of course the help of our daughters, Rhianna & Sarina. It’s from our gluten-free family to yours.