Dinner Rolls

This is an easy modification of our Gluten-Free Bread Mix. Simply mix all of the ingredients as stated on the bread mix. If you are Vegan, simply use two egg substitutes. We have had success with several. Stop right before pouring the mix into a bread pan. This is where we divert from those instructions.

Dinner Rolls

Instead, use a stone baking pan, and apply olive oil to it. If you don’t have a stone pan, use a metal one (or whatever you have) and put a sheet of parchment paper down on top of it. Spread the olive oil on the parchment paper

Grab your melon ball scoop. Wet it down with water and scoop some of the bread dough with it placing it on the stone (or parchment paper). Repeat until all of the bread dough is used wetting the melon ball scoop between scoops. You may have to use a spatula toward the end to gather all of the bread dough together. Place the dough balls with roughly two inches of space between each other.

If you don’t have a melon ball scoop, then you can always use your hands. Remember that most gluten-free doughs are sticky, and ours is no exception. So, wet down your hands with either water or olive oil and use your hands to form small one-inch balls. Again, place the dough balls roughly two inches apart from one another.

Once you place the soon-to-be rolls on the baking stone(s), give these roughly 45 minutes to rise. Once that time is up, preheat the oven to 375 degrees.

Place the baking stones in the oven once it is up to 375, and bake for 5 minutes. Then cover with foil to prevent the rolls from burning. Bake another 10 minutes.

All ovens are different. At this point, remove the foil covering the rolls. If the rolls are a nice golden brown, then you are done. Remove and let cool slightly before serving. Otherwise, bake for 5 minute increments, checking each time to see if the rolls are done. Also, note that some of the rolls on the outside of the stone may finish before those in the middle. Simply remove those rolls and return the rest to the oven. Always cover the rolls with the foil so that they don’t burn!

Eat and enjoy Dinner Rolls. Your friends will never know these are gluten-free… unless you tell them! 😉