Collection: Colette & Frank's Gluten-Free Gift Basket Collection

Our Gift Basket, or bag, is a great choice for someone who wants to try everything we offer. It also makes a great gift! In our Gift Basket we include our Pizza MixPancake MixMultipurpose, and Bread Mix, plus one of our banana breads, and two of our chocolate chip cookies in this fun, lined, jute tote. It is a great sampler pack. You can use the tote to carry your essentials or to pick up a small amount of groceries. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Give it to that gluten-free, grain-free or allergy-free person on your list and watch their face light up as they get to it -- the foods they love!

Gift our sweet Gift basket to your loved ones or your favorite teacher or coach! Choose from two of our baskets:

  1. Two Double Chocolate Cherry Banana Bread with two Chocolate Chip Cookies (Mixed Delight)
  2. 10 Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookies Galore)